January 2016: A New Global Agreement on Climate Change.

World leaders reached an agreement in Paris in December to combat climate change. But was it enough to sustain the planet as a viable home for humanity? There was a lot done, but there is a serious amount more to do.

The biggest achievement was the adoption of the target of limiting the increase in the global temperature to 1.5 deg. C.  Anything more and the impact of climate change would be extremely damaging, even catastrophic. Leaders agreed a road map to achieve this including a commitment to renewable energy and phasing out of fossil fuels. Developing countries and human rights were also central to this plan. However, no definitive action was agreed. Much of the agreement is either aspirational or voluntary. Much more is required before it comes into effect in 2020.

As one of the countries with the highest per capita greenhouse gas emissions in the world all citizens and organisations must play their part in enabling us to reach our fair share of the global targets. SAGE is an important initiative to achieve this. Community action must start at the local level and move to the national and global to achieve success.