SCAN April 2018

St.Anne’s Parish and St. James’s Crinken were awarded the green flag by Eco-Congregations last Autumn.  We are now being asked to advise other parishes about how they can contribute to reducing Climate Change. The word is slowly spreading. St Anne’s parish was asked to pick one suggestion each week from one of four categories, during the rest of Lent. The interest was substantial. The lists can be found on the parish website as of course there is every reason to make the lifestyle changes now and not wait until next Lent. Water saving shower heads are perhaps the most effective way of saving water, energy and money [Perhaps €200 per year for a cost of €20 , but check they are suitable for your system


To bring a kettle  to the boil will cost about 2.5c but only .7c if you just heat enough for a mug. If you drink six mugs a day, made at different times this means a saving of about 42c/day, not a lot per day perhaps, but about €150 over a year and about 500Kg of CO2.

If all 5000 houses in and around Shankill did this, it alone would save 2,500tons of CO2 per year.