SCAN December 2017.

We hope that you visited our stand at Christmas in the Village on 26th November and that you signed up to express interest in an energy upgrade for your house/business as a way of saving money and helping to save the planet.

SAGE is in the process of registering as a Sustainable Energy Community which will allow us to obtain the best deals on energy saving upgrades on behalf of the residents of Shankill. If you did not sign but wish that you had, then visit our Facebook site: SAGEShankill and take the link to our website and sign up, we will then be in contact when the Better Energy Community project gets underway.


Starting in the New Year: walk or bicycle to school, work or the shops. Every litre of diesel or petrol unused saves about 2.5kg of CO2  from being released into the atmosphere. It also saves the cost of 1lite of fuel; win/win. If each family with children in our primary schools left the car at home three days a week this would save about 100 tons of carbon dioxide per year, enough to make a real difference to the world and think what it could do for the health of our children and community. Public transport can be a very relaxing way of traveling to work and the savings in energy consumption for our community could be much greater than walking to school. Try it and enjoy.