SCAN January 2018

SAGE is now part of the Sustainable Energy Community [SEC] network and hopes to be a fully operating SEC before Christmas.

We hope that those who used the Energy Kits found them useful for planning possible work on your houses. We hope that a kit will be available shortly in the Library. If you think it might be useful to you but are not sure what it will show you or how to use it contact SAGE and we will try and arrange someone to help.

Some good news: the government has increased the insulation grants and will be introducing a new grant system for Heat Pumps later in the spring. If you have under-floor heating and are planning on changing your boiler a heat pump should be thoroughly investigated. They are more expensive but use one quarter of the energy of the best gas boiler.


Although each of us can do only a little, over the community these small amounts accumulate to significant savings.

Consider replacing you shower head with a water saving head. In our case we were using 15lit per minute and this reduced to 5.5lt per min, a saving of 9.5 lt per minute or 64%.

If we assume a five minute shower this will save 47.5lt of water and it will also save the heating of the water, some assumptions here but if the cold water tank is at 12degrees and we need a temperature of 40degrees the electricity saving will be about 24 cents per shower. With 4 people in the house taking five showers per week the saving will be nearly €5 per week which will pay for the new shower head in five weeks giving a saving of about €250 per year. Worth doing?, based in Kerry have the eco-showerheads. 

Don’t forget the most important thing is the bit you are doing to save the planet: about one ton of CO2. Over a year Shankill could save 3000 - 5000 tons of CO2 by this alone.

Note: If you use an instant heat shower it may not be compatible with the saver head.